You Can Resist It Or Shift It, But Not Both

April 25th, 2022

It’s not the situation making you suffer, it’s the thoughts and beliefs you are holding ABOUT it. It’s the resistance to what’s happening that’s keeping it in place, and making you suffer.

Instead of wishing this situation would go away, try turning towards it instead. When you decide to say YES to the lesson you are willingly dropping your resistance to it and instead creating space for the growth that’s trying to happen. Embrace the temporary discomfort knowing it leads to greater freedom, and your experience of it will shift dramatically.


What if life is actually trying to help me right now, but I just can’t see it yet?

What if stepping up to this challenge is exactly what I need to become a more expanded version of myself?

What if I could view this situation as an answered prayer in disguise with many blessings to come?

What if I decided to embrace this instead of resisting it?

What if I could KNOW right now that life loves me and only ever wants the very the best for me?

How can I grow from this? What can I learn?

Who am I being asked to become?


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