You Are Still Here

March 28th, 2022

You are still here. 

After all the heartache, disappointment, and disillusionment.

You are still here. 

After all the gut-wrenching loss and seemingly never-ending grief. 

You are still here. 

After the long dark nights of the soul when you wondered if you’d truly ever feel joy again. 

You are still here. 

Still breathing, still living, still trying, still hoping, still dreaming, still willing, still searching, still learning, still growing, still loving, still laughing, still showing up every damn day and doing the best you can. 

How incredible is that? 

How incredible are you? 

How perfectly flawed and wonderful and magical and badass are you? 

Life has split you open again and again and yet you come through every single time ultimately better than ever-don’t you? 

You get wiser, you get deeper, you get stronger, you get clearer. 

Look at your resilience! 


What an amazingly beautiful and complex creature you are. 

Your story is holy. 

Your humanness is exquisite. 

Bow down at your own feet, because you are fucking extraordinary.



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