The Lies Your Pain Will Tell

July 29th, 2022

The BIGGEST lie our mind will tell us when going through a dark night of the soul experience-whether physical, emotional, or mental is that it will ALWAYS be this way. We feel the intensity of the emotions, the pain, the suffering, the overwhelm and it feels so all-encompassing that it seems it will last forever. (hint, it won’t)

The mind will say:

I will never recover.

I’m broken.

I’m damaged.

I’m doomed to feel this way forever.

This will never get better.

I’ll never heal.

This pain will never go away.

And let’s not forget the timeless classic:


But this is all just the pain talking. The anxiety. The depression. The heartbreak. The wounded child. It’s a precious PART of you that needs love, and deserves your full attention.

But it’s not the TRUTH about you or what’s possible for your life. Not even a little bit.

If you’re going through it now, hang in there. If you can’t see the light yet it’s ok. Know that you will. You don’t need to deny, shoo away, sugar coat, brave face, or positive think any of your thoughts and feelings away. But, you don’t need to BELIEVE them as gospel either. Give yourself time, space, comfort, and radical kindness. You will heal.

You are so much more than your mind can see, and life has so much more good in store for you than you can even fathom. Sometimes just remembering this amidst the turmoil can make all the difference.


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