STOP With The Homemade Damn Cookies! (and other tips for dealing with narcissists)

April 11th, 2022

The narcissist does not change.

No matter how much you beg, plead, get angry, fight back, cry, or suffer. THEY. CAN’T. HEAR. YOU. You are not crazy. They are simply INCAPABLE of hearing you and INCAPABLE of change.

YOU are the one who MUST change.

You and only you can unravel this dynamic and take the necessary steps to heal. If you hold out hope for them to see you, get you, understand you, give you permission, change their behavior etc, you will continue to relinquish your power again and again. This is exactly what a narcissist needs.

YOUR power.
YOUR emotional engagement.
YOUR energy.
YOUR drama.
YOUR chaos.
YOUR hate.
YOUR division.
YOUR unraveling.
Stop giving it to them.

Channel your precious energy to something else. Something that feeds you. Something that lights you up. Something that heals you, nurtures you, fulfills you, calms you, soothes you, nourishes you.

We MUST teach ourselves to disengage. We MUST break our fascination (or even addiction) to the adrenaline rush that the narcissistic dynamic elicits.

Stop feeding the monster in the closet with your homemade damn cookies. 

This is your house.

Turn the lights on, open the windows, play some music, burn some sage, do a rain dance.

Stop paying attention to the monster and its (so called) power will die.


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