Normalizing Subconscious Resistance 

September 23rd, 2022

Subconscious resistance during your visualizations (aka feeling blocked) is normal. I REPEAT: Normal. 

You’re not flawed. You’re not defective. You’re not broken. 

In fact, your subconscious mind is doing a great job of keeping you safe by resisting anything it’s not used to. 

If you’ve got a big vision for your life, but you find yourself sabotaging in one way or another this is not something to beat yourself up about.

You might just need to make some tweaks to work with your resistance rather than against it. 

Here are 3 tips that I find helpful for myself and my clients: 


1. Adjust your beliefs 

Resistance or feeling blocked is a good indication that you really want something, but have a belief that’s incongruent with your vision.

See if you can identify what the belief is. Write it down and decide if it’s really true for you. If not, get clear on what you choose to believe instead: and practice, practice, practice that belief. 

2. Take a back door approach

Your subconscious mind loves what’s familiar. If you’ve got a big vision that’s unfamiliar with what your subconscious is used to, it’s going to resist it at first. Again: NORMAL. 

Try giving yourself repeated exposure to other people who have successfully done what you want to do. 

When I was going through some health issues, I had a hard time visualizing myself as healthy again because I felt so crappy.

Instead, I took a back door approach and listened to tons and tons of recovery stories. This helped me start to believe in new possibilities for my own healing. 

When we expose ourselves to other people living the dream, our brain absorbs it as possible for us too. 


3. Chunk down your vision

Play around with chunking down your vision into smaller increments.

Maybe imagining yourself as an overnight multimillionaire is just not real to you and your subconscious ain’t buying it. 

 But what about doubling your income within a year? Can your brain get on board with that without putting up a fight? 

 This doesn’t mean you let go of being a multimillionaire, rather you’re just scaling it down to more bite sized increments while you build up your belief systems. 

4. Change the subject 

You can’t force your subconscious mind to change overnight. If you have a big vision that you are strongly resisting for whatever reason, sometimes you just need to take a break. Play, relax, find other ways to get in flow.


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