Embracing Loneliness:

The Journey of the Old Soul

December 13, 2023

One of the challenges of being a highly intuitive, sensitive, mystical, magical, and spiritually powerful light being in a human suit is that it can sometimes feel incredibly lonely. There can be an isolation born from the awareness of feeling fundamentally different from the other humans around you, and not quite knowing where or how you fit in.


The loneliness struggle

You may find it challenging to express the depth of your experiences and insights to others who can’t relate, and this can make you feel even more alone.

You might struggle with being bored with small talk and long to be around people that ignite your magic and light your damn soul on fire, but…where the heck are these people?


Unpacking the outsider feeling

Maybe this sense of being an outsider has been a constant companion throughout your life, and this is worth unpacking.

Which part is rooted in trauma? Which part is the ego’s need to feel separate? Which part is just par for the course of being a little bit of a weirdy?

I know for me, I had an awareness of my “differentness” at a very young age. I was too young to articulate it, but I knew I possessed the ability to perceive things beyond the comprehension of the grown adults around me—and that was really confusing to me as a child.

I had an innate sense of what was right and what was wrong, and I could see all the toxic patterns of the dysregulated adults so clearly, but I didn’t understand why no one else could see what was so obvious to me, or do anything about it.


The cure for loneliness

 As we navigate this thing called life (love you, Prince), maybe the key to cracking the loneliness code isn’t about fitting in or finding those that “get” us. Maybe…and hear me out:


You’re not supposed to fit in.


What if the medicine for loneliness is in embracing the fact that you’re not normal, and that’s ok! In fact, it’s more than ok. Because you didn’t come to this gall-dang planet to be normal, you came to transcend normal. As a teacher, healer, and spiritual pioneer, you came to evolve, not conform to societal expectations.


It’s time to be brave

Maybe loneliness isn’t just about being different, but about not fully letting your freak flag fly? What if loneliness is an invitation to get more courageous and vulnerable with your self-expression?


Questions to contemplate

  • Where am I not letting myself be seen?
  • Where am I hiding my light because I’m afraid of judgment?
  • What do I need in order to fully express my unique gifts and talents?
  • What happens if I let myself fully feel my loneliness?


Becoming the loneliness alchemist  

If loneliness is your teacher right now; lean in. Why not extract the medicine like the badass alchemist you are and share what you learn?

Loneliness might just be the cocoon before your soul’s transformation into a butterfly.

Embrace it, learn from it, and let it be the catalyst that it can be to help you face your fears with compassion, and to motivate you to create a deeper connection within yourself and to share that others.

You might be surprised that this not only alleviates your own loneliness but you also become a magnet for kindred old soul weirdies just like you.


Does this article resonate for you?

Let me know in the comments!  




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