Breakdown to Breakthrough

April 4th, 2022

Keep fighting. Keep staying strong. Keep pushing. Keep resisting. Keep trying. Keep being brave. Keep smiling. Keep”…ugggghhhh. ​I find this messaging exhausting and dated. ​

While I appreciate the sentiment intended to be encouraging during tough times, I’ve personally never found it ​useful in my darkest hour. When life has brought me to my knees, you know what I needed to hear more? ​

​It’s ok to break down. ​

It’s ok to fall apart. ​

It’s ok to weep. ​

It’s ok to be angry. ​

It’s ok to not “keep doing” anything. ​

It’s ok to take the “everything is fine” mask off. ​

It’s ok to be a shit storm. ​

It’s ok to not be strong. ​

It’s ok to stop fighting. ​

It’s ok to acknowledge being unhappy. ​

It’s ok to stop depleting yourself. ​

It’s ok to say no without explanation. ​

It’s ok to not have all the answers right now. ​

It’s ok to rest as much as you need to. ​

It’s ok to ask for extra support. ​ ​

​The fight mentality can keep us in chronic denial of what we truly need, prolongs suffering, and keeps us at war with ourselves. 

​Sometimes it’s the letting go of the fight that creates space for solution and healing to come through. 

​There is a time and place to fight. Absolutely. ​

​But the “keep fighting at all costs” anthem is tone deaf to the grieving, chronically ill, trauma survivors, PTSD sufferers, and the highly sensitive ones. ​

​You are not an energizer bunny. If your body is telling you that you need something other than to “keep fighting” right now, please: Get still, and listen.



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