Body Image Reboot

Body Image Reboot

You’re here because you want to improve your relationship with yourself and your body.

You know it’s possible. You see others doing it. And you’re relieved there’s finally a body positivity movement where women of all shapes and sizes are being represented. You happily applaud the women who are rebelling against impossible beauty standards and flaunting their bodies in a celebratory fashion–but this just doesn’t feel like YOU.

You want to find your own sense of confidence and self-acceptance. But, defiantly walking down the runway in your bikini “Ashley Graham style” is just not you. 

Ok, so we know it’s not cool to hate our bodies anymore-and that we’re supposed to love and celebrate them exactly as they are, right? Awesome

But how do you go from a lifetime of false conditioning to falling madly in love with your body in one fell swoop?

Well…you don’t.

I’m not saying you can’t, but for a lot of us this is just not real. At least not without putting the work in. We need to lay a solid foundation before we can build a sound structure.

That’s where the Body Image Reboot comes in.

Before we go any further, I want you to know…

This course is not a diet, weight loss, makeover program, or magic happiness formula that will eliminate all of your body image issues forever more. 

Rather it’s a tool–a piece of your journey–that will help you make a conscious choice to build a better relationship between you and your feminine vessel. One step at a time. One choice at a time.  (And no, you don’t have to start an Instagram boudoir page in order to get there!)

I respect you too much to over promise you a magic formula to eradicate patterns that took years and even lifetimes to ingrain.


 I can invite you into a powerful journey of truth seeking self-exploration into your unique programming and conditioning so that you can begin to understand it. Because once you’ve taken that step you will have the clarity to decide what stays and what goes in terms of the way you relate to your body. 

I’ll also give you tools to help you rebuild and mend your relationship with your body so you can live in mutual respect and harmony with it–and it with you.

So what is the Body Image Reboot Program?

It’s a six week course to create a kinder relationship with your body based on compassion and respect. By the end of our time together you will:

• Understand where your body image conditioning came from

• Determine what a healthy self image means for you–minus the cheesy platitudes and spiritual bypassing

• Soften the mean girl in your head so that your self talk will be kinder and more compassionate  

• Gently coach yourself out of your tendency to hide in the shadows  

• Learn to be your own safe space

Embrace all parts of you–instead of only the “good stuff”

This is why I created this course. I wanted to give you a road map to understand your unique body image blueprint, while also helping you develop the tools and practices to rebuild from the ground up.

“The world will never give you permission to feel worthy and confident just as you are–that is something only you can choose.”

I’ve broken this process down into three steps:


Understand how your history and cultural conditioning shaped your current body image


Develop a safe container to redefine your self-image and learn to live from there


Experience a healthier relationship with yourself  based on kindness, compassion, and respect

I work with gifted, smart, talented, beautiful women every day who don’t fully step into their highest purpose because they are constantly preoccupied with not feeling good enough about the way they look

They look in the mirror and hear negative voices. They binge on comfort food and beat themselves up for it. They stop themselves from enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. And they stop themselves from going after the “big things” they know they are capable of.

You have gifts to share and a purpose to fulfill.

The time for playing small is over.

You were meant for more than just worrying about what the scale says, or feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. 

Maybe you can relate?

Do you ever find yourself…

Struggling with self-judgment and critical self-talk? 

• Feeling disconnected from your sense of inner safety?

Letting your body and looks dictate what you’re worthy of experiencing?

Seeing your body as a never ending to-do list and the mirror as the enemy?

Avoiding being seen because of perceived judgments of how you look?

Repressing uncomfortable feelings you think you “shouldn’t” feel?

Wishing you had the courage to live a fuller, richer life?


If this is you, boy do I get it. Because I too have walked this path and I know first hand that this sensitive work takes time, tenderness, and practice.

The Focus of the Course:

Each of the 6 modules comes with an introductory chapter to explain the concept and prepare you for the exercises in that section. There will also be a short 2-5 min intro video to support your exploration into the module. But the bulk of that exploration or “the work” will be done as you complete the deep-dive written exercises and guided hypnosis journeys.

The Details:


Body Image Reboot consists of 6 weekly modules including: 

Short video introductions and reading material

10 Deep dive written and interactive audio exercises 

4 Hypnosis guided journeys 


• Your body image history blueprint

• The cost of body shame

• Combating negative self talk

• Creating a healthy self image

• Cultivating self love


Total value: $397

Actual price: $27

We’re in this together…

Deciding to stand in opposition to what you’ve been taught, and to love yourself vigorously and unconditionally is a radical act. It’s going to feel strange–uncomfortable even. But what brought you to this, will see you through this if you let it.

The cultivation of a more loving attitude and way of being towards your body is a lifelong active practice. This was not created to save you. You are the answer you’ve been waiting for. The fully awake, self loving you, is who the world is waiting for.

Through this journey together my goal is that you will learn to…

• Create a new kickass self image and learn to live from there

• Increase your sense of calm, worthiness, and inner safety

• Appreciate your body right now and as it changes

• Uplevel your self talk and become your own bestie 

• Highlight your gifts and talents and go for what you really want  

• Find inner safety and feel supported no matter what  

• Choose what you believe about yourself more consciously   

• Release self judgement around difficult emotions 

• Understand your deservedness to receive love and acceptance NOW

• Learn to befriend the mirror and embrace yourself in totality

But more importantly, you’ll learn what you’ve known in your heart of hearts all along:

You’re enough. You always have been, and you always will be.

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