An Invitation to the Goddess

March 21st, 2022

Wake up dear sister

Snap out of this spell

There is no virtue in being

At war with yourself


Your body is perfect

Every inch, every curve

Every stretch mark tells a story

Every scar has been earned


You are more than what they told you

Too big, too small

Too dark, too light

Too skinny, too tall


Cut ties with that nonsense

Detox, reconvene

Create your own definition of beauty

Become your own kind of Queen


Wake up fiery Goddess

Burn the house of fake smiles and falsity down

Let the ashes fertilize

The seeds for new authentic ground

You don’t need to be perfect

Photo shopped and all pristine

It’s your feminine REALNESS we crave

That NEEDS to be seen


You are not a robot, a buffer

A toy, an energetic sponge

Get fierce with your boundaries

You don’t owe anything to anyone


Break toxic agreements with people

Invested in you staying small

If love requires self-sacrifice

It isn’t really love at all


Be rebellious enough to show up BIG

BADASS as you are

Let them deal with their own shadow

Let them find their own star


Stop offering yourself up as food

For narcissistic greed

You will give and give and give

But still NEVER satiate that need

Let it go brave sister

You don’t need to be understood

All this old guilt, shame, and blame

That’s the stuff of victimhood


WAKE UP brave soul sister

Give back the wounds that they projected

Give back the bullshit and the lies

And hear the truth you have rejected


You are gorgeous, you are strong

You are worthy beyond measure

Your vulnerability is sacred

Your imperfections are a treasure


Your messiness is beautiful

Your sex is holy grail

Your gifts and talents are enormous

Your intuition never fails


Disengage from cattiness and gossip, PLEASE

This isn’t junior high

Real women uplift each other

We NEED each other you and I

See your sister as yourself

Be kind behind her back

She has JUST as many insecurities as you

I PROMISE you that


All this comparing and despairing

Is a winless fruitless game

Your lovability is NOT defined

By how much weight you lose or gain


Wake up sleeping beauty

There are empires to build

There is great joy to be experienced

Big dreams to be fulfilled


Your energy is MUCH too precious

There isn’t time for self hate

Take your self-compassion medicine

Let all that judgment fade

Be your OWN ride or die

Your best friend and biggest fan

DARE to love yourself just as you are

LOVE YOURSELF, because you can


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